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Schedule not working

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Hey all - new Jellyfish owner with a question. I have tried several times with the Jellyfish Designer to set up a recurring schedule for turning on the lights in my 5 different zones, but can't get it to reliably work.

I have 2 different accents (one for each Left and Right side of my house), and one pattern that I want to use (for Garage, Front and Back lighting). I want to build a schedule that turns them all on and off and the same times. To do this, I created 3 daily events for this that look like:

  • Accent A - Left - On at 4pm, off at 1 am
  • Accent B - Right - On at 4pm, off at 1 am
  • Pattern C - Front, Back, Carage - On at 4pm, off at 1 am

I deleted all my past schedule attempts and set up brand new new schedules yesterday afternoon at 3pm. By 5pm, none of my lights were on. I checked the settings for time zone, and verified the clock timing was accurate.  What could I be missing?

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I likewise have the same problem with creating a timer for 3 zones with each zone having a different pattern.  I am using the new JF Designer app.  It seems to work once and then is very unreliable.  May come on but not shut off or the other way around if turned on, it does not shut off.  The only way I have been able to have it work reliably is using one timer to all three zones.  I had a tech come and test but of course it worked well the first time but not again.  Still looking for answers.  Love the program otherwise.  Have you had any success?

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Installed the latest update 2 days ago and thought the update was suppose to fix the SUNSET/SUNRISE issue I was having.

It appears the "fix" is not fixed. When using the SUNSET option the daily schedule is not turning on my lights. I have the time zone and city location set correctly.

Seems like this should be a pretty easy fix. Can I please get some help?

Thank you, Joe