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Connect the Controller to a New Router

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Step 1
Reset the WiFi on the controller

– Press and release “MENU” on the face of the controller to wake up the screen
– When the screen lights up, hold down “MENU” on the face of the controller for 3 seconds
– Arrow down 3 times until it says “WIFI”
– Click “OK” when it says “Setup WiFi”
– Click “OK” when it says “Reset WiFi”, this will take a minute
– If the asterisk on the top right of the controller screen is gone then it has reset, if it is still there it hasn’t reset

Step 2
Reconnect your controller to WiFi using the JellyFish Designer app

– Connect your phone to the JellyFish-xxxx WiFi, Password bigfish10
– Press the “Setup” tab in the Designer app
– Press “WiFi Setup”
– Press “Search for networks” and click on your network
– Type in your Network Password and press connect

It will say “Configuring WiFi…” and will take about 5 minutes
– An * means the controller is connected and working
– 9 is a perfect connection, 8 is slightly less and so on, a 5 or higher is good