JellyFish Lighting is headquartered in the Silicon Slopes tech corridor along Utah’s Wasatch Front.

In 2011 the inventor, Brice Groves, thought that it’d be great to create a permanent solution for Christmas lighting, but still have the ability to use the product for the rest of the year. After calling over 60 different manufacturers, in 2012 he finally found a color changing light that was capable and he started installing it on homes. As his company began to grow, the product advanced into what it is today. In 2016 Brice partnered with David Steed, our president, and Hugh Neilson, our CTO, and continued to grow the company under the JellyFish Lighting name.

Our Mission

Use technology to improve the lives of people. And make this technology accessible to everyone.

What’s with the jellyfish?

JellyFish Lighting is named after the comb jelly, a beautiful invertebrate with eight rows of tiny combs that diffract light to produce a shimmering rainbow effect as it swims through the ocean. Light up your home or business with the technological equivalent of this otherworldly creature.

Fun fact: Unlike other jellyfish, the tentacles of comb jellies don’t sting.

Get to know our management team

David Steed, President

With a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Utah and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Brigham Young University, David not only knows how to run a business, he also has bona fide tech and engineering credentials. In 1999 he helped found Maxstream, a company that dealt primarily with wireless modems and radios. He acted as VP of Engineering until the company was sold in 2006 to Digi International.

Hugh Nielsen, Management Team

Hugh has extensive experience in home automation and control, with more than 25 years experience working as an engineer, engineering manager, and Chief Technology Officer for such companies as Vantage Controls, Transera Corporation, and Maxstream. He holds a BS in Engineering from BYU.

Brice Groves, Management Team

Ron brings more than 35 years experience in both residential and commercial applications to Big Fish Automation, having previously served as president of Vantage Controls for 20 years and Transera for 15 years. He also holds a BS in Electrical Engineering.