Residential Lighting

Discreet from the street, dazzling in the dark

Have the ability to turn on accent lighting for most nights, but switch to colored lighting for all holidays like Christmas, halloween, fourth of july, easter and more with the touch of a button!.

Light up your home

Commercial Lighting

Lights, motion, customers!

Draw more attention to your storefront with lighting! Stay relevant by changing the colors to decorate for any occasion, plus have the benefit of added security.

Light up your business

Why choose JellyFish Lighting


Enjoy the subtlety of aluminum tracks that are custom painted to blend in with any exterior, making them nearly invisible during the day.


When night falls, delight family and neighbors with millions of colors and 64 preset motion programs—for holidays, security, or accent lighting.

Energy Efficient

Save energy (both yours and the Earth’s) with permanent Christmas lights that are rated for 22,000 hours, or 15 years of regular usage.


Benefit from proprietary technology that’s not available from any other manufacturer or installer of permanent holiday lights.


Create custom patterns and light shows or choose from a library of pre-programmed settings, all from your smartphone.

Safe & Secure

Feel safer at night knowing your year round Christmas lights double as security lights that deter criminal activity.

Accident Proof

Step away from the ladder, Griswold. Bask in that Christmas Vacation glow without climbing onto a slippery rooftop ever again.

Professionally Installed

Leave the ladder climbing to the experts, who specialize in single-outlet installation that doesn’t require electrical outlets in the eaves.

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Some of our satisfied clients

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  • "If you want to light up your home for the holidays even once, it's worth installing Jellyfish lights."
    — Wes Curtin
  • "I love the lights. They're beautiful and they'll last forever. Professional product - totally worth it."
    — Zach Williams
  • "WOW!! The lights are awesome! Thank you for doing a stellar job on the installation"
    — Jake Cordova