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JellyFish Lighting Features

Custom Accent Lighting:

Create your own accent lighting by controlling each light individually to best showcase your home, choosing which lights you want on and what color from over 16 million different colors and any hue of white

Create Custom Patterns:

Control each light individually and choose from over 16 million different colors to create custom patterns with over 20 different movements and effects, you can also choose from 102 preset patterns from our customer's recommendations


Ability to only turn on certain sections of lights or to have different patterns on different parts of your home at the same time (front versus back)

Long Lasting:

The JellyFish Lighting System is a robust, outdoor rated LED lighting system. LED lighting is known for its durability. The LEDs are designed for years and years of use

Discreet from the Street:

Permanently installed under your eaves and behind your trim in a track color that matches with no exterior power supplies. The track encases all wires and jumps are made through attics when possible to prevent visible exterior wires

Multiple Timers & Events:

Save multiple nightly & weekly timers as well as calendar events for holidays and other special occasions

Proprietary Technology:

We own and manufacture our lighting system (Patent # 9506609) and mobile app to ensure the highest quality and availability, we also release continual updates with new features based on customer requests

Bright & Energy Efficient:

Bright 3 diode lights use less than one watt per light at the brightest white and are dimable

Lighting For All Occasions

What Can JellyFish Lighting Do?

Accent Lighting

Holiday Lighting

Security Lighting

Game Day Lighting

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