Become A JellyFish Lighting

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Increase Revenue

Add JellyFish Lighting to your business or create a new business offering an existing product in a new market

Stand Out

Offer your customers the solution to accent/security lighting and holiday lighting in one

Low Startup Cost

There are different opening purchase levels with no added franchise or territory fees

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We have a full-time lighting specialist who is focused on dealer relations to increase success

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What Installation Entails

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to become an authorized dealer?

It depends on which level you buy in at. The typical initial investment is between $10,000-$20,000.

Who typically makes a good JellyFish Lighting dealer?

  • Someone with an existing business presence and/or customer base
  • General contractors, electricians, siding/soffit/fascia installers
  • Someone excited about growing a business with an emerging product

What is expected of a JellyFish Lighting dealer?

  • Develop your local market
  • Own the sales cycle from top to bottom
  • Service your local market
  • Honor the JellyFish Lighting warranty
  • Represent the JellyFish Lighting brand
  • Be the expert in your market

What does an installation entail?

A typical installation is mounting and setting up the controller, fishing wire from the controller to the lights, cutting metal, drilling metal into soffit, and running jumps between sections of lights.

For example, a 350′ job has:
– 3 Lines
– Controller
– Power Supply

The 3 lines go to:
– Lower Roof Line
– Upper Roof Line
– 2nd Floor Pop out

It is important to know the limitations of your system.
– Lents of Jumps (what length requires a transmitter and/or a receiver
– The length of each line
– The limitations of the control box

Maximum length with one line is 250′
Maximum length with 2 lines, each at 150′ is 300′ A system with a controller and power supply, should not exceed 500′ to 600′ depending on the configuration.

We have detailed instructions that outline the installation process on our manual.

It is required that you come and work with one of our installation teams for a few days before we send you product. This will give you hands on experience installing a job from start to finish which will result in a more successful and profitable dealership. 

Am I buying a franchise?

No, you are not buying a franchise or the JellyFish Lighting name. Our agreement makes you an “authorized dealer” of JellyFish Lighting, similar to Best Buy is an authorized dealer of the Sony brand. This agreement gives you the ability to buy our product at dealer pricing. As an Authorized Dealer we do not require you to sell JellyFish Lighting exclusively. You are able to sell this side by side with your existing product line or business. (See contract for terms and limitations)

Can I sell a competing brand together with JellyFish Lighting?

No, this is one of the few exceptions. We do not allow you to offer our product along with our competitors product. Contact us for a list of those companies.

Am I able to use the “JellyFish Lighting” name as or in my business name?

No, JellyFish Lighting is a Trademark brand and at this time we currently do not authorize anyone to use the name as part of their business name. Likewise we do not allow authorized dealers to use “jellyfish” or “jellyfish lighting” as part of their root domain name. It is OK, to use it in headers, text, pages, etc. We also require you to emphasize that you are an “Authorized Dealer” of JellyFish Lighting as to distinguish that you are not JellyFish Lighting, the company. If you have specific requests feel free to contact us and we will review the request.

Do you sell territories?

No, we do not have or sell territories. We are also not exclusive with a single seller or distributor. However, we are mindful of sales and our sellers in your area. It is not our desire to over saturate a market or cut the legs off of our authorized sellers. We will do our best to make sure the market size is suitable for the number of sellers in your area. If we have an authorized dealer in an area and they appear to not be meeting the needs or demand of that area we will consider adding another seller. As there is the possibility of sellers overlapping we have asked each authorized seller to distinguish themselves with their own unique business name.

What comes in the Dealer Kit?

Most new JellyFish Lighting dealers, if not all of them are in a new market where JellyFish Lighting has never been sold. There are no homes for people to drive by and no product to show people. As part of your buy in to JellyFish Lighting, we give you a Dealer Kit. This dealer kit includes:

  • A control box
  • A short strand of lights
  • Samples of various tracks
  • Color swatch
  • A bundle of generic JellyFish Lighting Fliers (That you can personalize)
  • A bundle of generic JellyFish Lighting Business Cards (that you can personalize)

With a working strand system, it will be much easier to demonstrate the power and unique features of the JellyFish Lighting system.

How do I bid a project?


One of the quickest ways to get in trouble is to loose your bids and or mismanage your customers information. For this reason it is important to have a plan in place. At the moment, JellyFish Lighting does not offer a management system or integrated management system. However, if you wanted to use the same system we use, we are happy to point you in their direction.

At a minimum you want the most basic information available to each person who needs to know (Sales Team, Install Team, Accounting, Warehouse, Etc). One way to do this with without buying an management system is to manage customer in Google Docs.

  • Create a Google Docs folder to manage your customers
  • Create a File for each customer
  • Add a map of the job
  • Add photos of the job (house and soffit color)
  • Add a worksheet that details the aspects of the job (see sample below)


You can:

  1. Bid off contractor plans in drafting software
  2. Measure with a tape measure or roller
  3. Measure with a laser


There are many types of drafting software. We use one called Planswift, we are able to do the following:

  • Create save individual jobs
  • Measure each roof line
  • Measure each side separately (different color)
  • Export Screen Shots to share with the customer

NOTE: It is really important to check the scale before measuring. There are times when customers are give a compressed version of the plans. These will not measure correctly. This happens maybe 10 to 20% of the time. Select the scale of the document, and measure a measurement on the plans. If it says something like 7′ and you measure 7′, your plans are to scale.


Soffit tiles are an easy way to measure the home. They are typically in a fixed pattern on the home and all a consistent size. To do this, measure the width of 1 tile. Count the number of tiles and multiply:


It is best to have a tape measure or roller on hand to grab the measurements.

  • Role around the base of the house to get
  • Determine the pitch of the roof or height of the center of each peak to determine the length of the slope on each peak


Draw a map of the full roof line. Double check the map and measurements to make sure you don’t miss anything. Measure each side individually and round the number up. This will help you account for a little waste on the job.

The bidding and mapping process should be used to identify a few things:

  • Accurately measure the house
  • Identify the placement of the control box
  • Talk to the homeowner about power (a plug) for the control box
  • Identify how you get from the control box to each starting point
  • What type of track is needed?
  • What is the color track needed? (Soffit Color)
  • Do you need blank track?
  • Are there special conditions?
  • Is there attic access?
  • Can all the wires be hidden?
  • Will you need a transmitter and receiver?
  • Will they need a WiFi extender?


When you look at the control box and starting points on a home, you will be able to determine if a transmitter a receiver or both. It all depends on the length between the control box and starting point, or between light to light. Visit our ONLINE MANUAL for more info.


A WiFi Extender, often called a Signal Extender is used to increase the range between the control box and the home router. There are numerous types of WiFi Extenders on the market. You can offer them or they can buy on themselves. A good rule, is that if there is more than 50 feet between the Router and Control Box, you ought to be informing the customer that one may be needed. Show up with one just in case. If the control box will not connect to the Router, this is the first thing to consider when troubleshooting. Visit our ONLINE MANUAL for an example.

Where are you accepting new dealers?

Anywhere that is not within 3 hours of one of our corporate locations in Salt Lake City, UT, Denver, CO, and Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Get on the Map!

JellyFish Lighting Salt Lake City (801) 613-7421
JellyFish Lighting Colorado (720) 583-0821
JellyFish Lighting Dallas-Fort Worth (214) 501-0329
Authorized Dealer: Cutting Edge Electric Inc. Idaho Falls, ID (208) 552-0387
Authorized Dealer: Timber Creek Electric Pocatello, ID (208) 380-2815
Authorized Dealer: Stilson’s Central Vacuum Saint George, UT (435) 229-9564 Authorized Dealer: HartWalker Automation Saint George, UT (435) 619-6367
Authorized Dealer: Level 5 Lighting Phoenix, AZ (602) 643-5922
JellyFish Lighting Houston (281) 698-5930
Authorized Dealer: Illumascapes Louisville, KY (502) 608-5318
Authorized Dealer: AIT Holiday Lighting Pensacola, FL (407) 701-5565
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