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Control with controller screen

• Press power button once to wake up the controller, press power twice to turn the lights turn on to the last pattern playing.
• The top line of the display will say “Programs” followed by a number. This is the program the lights are displaying.
• The program can be changed by pressing the Left and Right arrows.
• Press OK to change the bottom line display text from “Speed” to “Brightness”
• Use the Up and Down Arrows to change the program speed or brightness
• Press Menu to change the display between “Programs” and “Colors”
• Colors is used to display solid light colors.
• When the top line of the display starts with “Colors” use the Left and Right Arrows to change the light color.
• Holding a Left or Right arrow will make the lights cycle through the colors faster.
• Press and release Power quickly to pause a currently running program
• Press Power for 4 seconds to turn the lights off.