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Lights not displaying chosen color

Check the controller settings

Note – The BIT is typically set correctly by your install team. If you found yourself curious about the controller, you may have changed the BITs by accident. Here is how to go back to the correct bit.

  1. Press and release “MENU” on the face of the controller to wake up the screen

  2. Arrow down to LED, press OK

  3. Press the down arrow to change the lights BIT from 12 to 8 or 8 to 12. Depending on which one is currently selected, go opposite of what the bit is currently set at

  4. Push OK and test a program to make sure it’s performing correctly

If that doesn’t work, please call your local office

Most likely there was a loose connection made during installation that we will fix with a service call

  • Utah, SLC: (801) 613-7421

  • Colorado, DEN: (720) 583-0821

  • Texas, DFW: (214) 501-0329

  • Texas, HOU: (281) 698-5930