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Quick start guide

Connect your phone to the Pro2 Controller.

Open WiFi Connections on your smart device -Search available networks for JellyFish-XXXX -Connect using password bigfish10.

The mobile app can be installed from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

  1. Search for “JellyFish Designer” in either store

  2. Install the “JellyFish Designer Cloud” app if you want to control your lights from anywhere and open the app

  3. Go to Setup

  4. Go to WiFi Setup -Search for available networks -Find your local network and select it

  5. Search for available networks – Find your local network and select it

  6. Network must be 2.4 ghz

  7. Enter password

  8. Click Connect

  9. WiFi Setup will run for a minute or two

  10. Upon completion the controller will display the correct date and time, followed by (*9) – (*8) or (*9) signifies a strong connection – (*0) to (*7) requires a WiFi extender or hardwire to the router or switchbox

  11. Close the app

  12. Your phone should have changed its connection to the home network.

  13. JellyFish-XXXX should have changed to JellyFish-c-XXXX and the password should now be the same as our local network password

  14. Open the app and use your lights