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Reconnect a TP Link WiFi Extender

1. Reset the extender using a small nail or paper clip. Find the hole on the top or bottom of the extender (may be different depending on how it’s plugged in). Push the paper clip in the hole until all lights light up, then release.

2. Unplug the extender and plug it into an outlet in the same room that the router is in. Wait for the 1st light to go solid.

3. Push the “wps” button on extender. Then find the “wps” button on the router and push that.

4. It should take a minute or so, you should see 4 blue lights (or yellow, depending on extender type).

5. Plug back into an outlet by your JellyFish controller and make sure Ethernet cord is connected.

6. Turn the JellyFish controller off with the toggle switch and reboot.

7. Date and time should update and you should see #9 on upper right side of the controller screen.