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Reset Wi-Fi or connect a controller to a new router

Reset the Wi-Fi on the controller

  1. Press and release “MENU” on the face of the controller to wake up the screen.

  2. When the screen lights up, hold down “MENU” on the face of the controller for 7 seconds for controllers that are the version 030113+, or 3 seconds for controllers that firmware version start with 02.

  3. Arrow down 3 times until it says “Wi-Fi”.

  4. Click “OK” when it says “Setup Wi-Fi”.

  5. Click “OK” when it says “Reset Wi-Fi”, this will take a minute.

  6. If the asterisk on the top right of the controller screen is gone then it has reset, if it is still there it hasn’t reset.

Reconnect your controller to Wi-Fi using the JellyFish Designer app

  1. Connect your phone to the JellyFish-xxxx Wi-Fi, Password bigfish10.

  2. Press the “Setup” tab in the Designer app.

  3. Press “Wi-Fi Setup”.

  4. Press “Search for networks” and click on your network.

  5. Type in your Network Password and press connect.

  1. It will say “Configuring Wi-Fi…” and will take about 5 minutes.

  2. An * means the controller is connected and working.

  3. 9 is a perfect connection, 8 is slightly less and so on, a 5 or higher is good.