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Updating a black P2 controller from the JellyFishP2 app to the JellyFish Designer App

  1. Download the JellyFish Designer app from your app store.

  2. Make sure your black Pro2 controller is turned on (use the switch on the left side).

  3. Make sure the controller is connected to your home WiFi.

  4. Test this by connecting your phone to your home WiFi and controlling your lights with the old JellyFishP2 app.

  5. If your controller isn’t connected to WiFi, you’ll need to move your controller into an area that has WiFi because a controller needs to be connected to WiFi to update.

  6. Open the JellyFish Designer app.

  7. When the app opens, it will automatically scan for version 1 firmware and ask if you want it to update to JellyFish Designer (the latest version).

  8. If it doesn’t ask you to update the first time, try killing the JellyFish Designer app, when it restarts it will scan for version 1 firmware again and ask to update.

  9. Press “Yes”.

  10. It will take a while to update.

  11. Once you update your controller, the JellyFishP2 App can no longer control the controller.

  12. After the update the router that the controller is connected to needs to be rebooted (unplugged and plugged back in) to reset the IP/MAC addresses.